Don’t leave your employees out in the rain!

With you support your employees against discrimination, harassment, stress and other problems in the workplace




Every second employee has already been harassed once and 72% of harassment at work goes unreported. In addition, more than 70% do not know any contact person in their company.


On average, 5% of workers experience discrimination in the workplace. The most common reasons for discrimination are age, sex and origin.


More than 80% of employees suffer from stress in the workplace, while in the 18-39-year-olds it is even 91%. The biggest factors are constant deadline pressure, bad working environment and emotional stress.

Many employees do not report because they are afraid to be not taken seriously, to be labeled as a trouble maker or to afraid to lose their job.

Support your employees now by using implements a clear and trusted process to report and solve issues in the workplace.

How does work? is designed to use it quickly and easily. It includes a structured issue management system and a secure and anonymous chat. Your employees are able to use on their private smartphone.

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Highest SSL-Standards via 256-bit AES SSL/TLS encryption
Encrypted and anonymized user data
Service availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany
Encrypted AWS RDS Databases
Two-factor authentication for all system administrators

How secure is

The security of your data and the anonymity of your employees is our top priority. Therefore we have developed our software by explicitly following the ´Privacy by Design´ requirements established with the EU’s GDPR.


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